Terms And Conditions

Preliminary Definitions

"Vendor": The company which operates the present on-line selling website, as defined on the page Legal Notice of the aforesaid Website.

The Vendor and the Client together are hereafter named « The Parties ».

"Product" : any physical commodity described, put on sale and suppplied directly by the present Website.

"On-line Shop" ou "Website" : the on-line selling website operated by the Vendor, as defined in the page Legal Notice of this Website.

"Working Day" : any day of the week, except Saturday, Sunday or legally public holliday day in metropolitan France.

"Clear Day" : 24 hours period, beginning after the end of the reference day (for an order placed on Monday, a 7 clear days period bengins on Monday at 0:00 AM and ends the following Monday at 12:00 PM).

Article 1. Object

These Terms And Conditions Of Sale ("TCS") are concluded between the Vendor and the Client who whises carry out a purchase on the On-line Shop Larissa-Chaussures.

They aim at defining the procedure to apply to any purchase carried out on the Website, from the placement of an order to the payment and the delivery to the after-sales service.

Article 2. Coming into force - Duration

The buying of a Product implies the clean and irrevocable acceptance by the Client of these TCS, without prejudice to the exercise of the right of withdrawal defined in the corresponding article of these TCS.

This acceptance is materialized by Client's checking off the tickbox "I agree to the Terms of Service and will adhere to them unconditionally. (Read Terms of Service)", before proceeding the secure payment. The Client acknowledges by this action to have read and understood these TCS and to accept them.

These TCS come into force at the date of the signature of the order form, that is materialized by the full completion of the on-line order procedure.

They can be be updated or modificated at any moment and without previous notice by the Vendor; in case of modification, it's the version in force at the day of the order by the Client which is applied. The date of updating of the current version appears at the end of the TCS..

The Client has the possibility of looking at, printing or downloading at any time these TCS from the corresponding page of the On-line Shop. Le Client dispose de la faculté de consulter, d’imprimer ou de télécharger à tout instant les présentes CGV à partir de la page correspondante de la Boutique en ligne. It is up to him to check the last update date, especially if he wishes take advantage of them.

Article 3. Products

The products concerned by these TCS are those which appear in the corresponding pages of the On-line Shop. They are proposed while the stocks last; in case of permanent or temporary unavailability, the "Add to cart" button cannot be activated.

The Vendor reserves the right to take away any Product without previous notice. Some Products can be presented in the On-line Shop, but without being immediately available; in this case, the time-limit necessary to obtain them is explicitely specified.

The Products are described and presented with the greater accuracy possible, in order that the Client may determine if he wishes buy the described Product. However, if mistakes or omissions can have occurred in the presentation, the Vendor might no be held liable for them.

Regarding the shoes put on sale on the On-line Shop, the size details can't be held as an absolute information. Depending on the brands, a same size can indeed be closer to the lower or the upper one of another brand. The Vendor does his best to give all useful details to guide the Client's choice, but can't be held as responsible if a determined shoe size does not match the form and dimensions of the Client's feet.

Photographs of the Products are not contractual in any case and have only informative value. Yet it is possible that the perception of shapes and colors of the Products does not correspond exactly to the Products; in particular, they can vary according the hardware and the softwares used to visualize them and according their settings (screen, browser, etc.).

Names of colors are indicative and subjective detail as well. The Vendor can be held as responsible of a erroneous interpretation on this matter at any time.

In case the Client considers he has not enough detail about nature and properties of the Product, he can ask more information to the Vendor by contacting him by post mail, e-mail or phone thanks to contact information given on the website.

Article 4. Prices

Prices are given in Euros and are valid only on the date of the on-line validation of the order by the Client.

As VAT does not apply (Article 293B of French Code général des Impôts), prices are indicated tax-free and cannot allow any deducton for sales out of metropolitan France (including Corsica). The customers who live out of metropolitan France are asked to inquire about taxes which can be applied in their country when importing goods, and will take on the exclusive responsability of their declaration and payment.

The Vendor reserves the right to change the prices of his Products at any time, upwards or downwards; nevertheless the Products are put on the bill at the price which is in force at the time of the order.

In case Products are discounted or on sale, their basic price and their reduced price is shown on the Website.

Prices shown for each Product do not include delivery charges; the shipping amount is calculated during the order processing and added to the Products total amount before the validation of the order.

The order total amount (products and shipping) is payable when order is validated, before the Products are sent to the Client.

Article 5. Order

a. Customer's previous identification and Customer Account

To place an order, the Client must give his contact details (e-mail adress, billing and shipping adresses, phone number) by creating a personal account.

Once the Client has created a personal account ("My Account"), he can connect himself to it at any time with the e-mail addres which serves as log-in ID and with the password he had defined at the moment of his registration. If he forgives this password, a new one can be sent to him automatically. The password in never known by the Vendor.

The Client's Account allows to access to personal data and to correct them, to create, modify and suppress delivery addresses, to check the orders history and corresponding invoices, to carry out merchandise returns and to check its list, to look at credit and discount vouchers, to check loyalty credits and transform them into vouchers, and to carry out vairous sponsorship actions. The conditions of the loyalty programm can be looked at on the corresponding page of this Website.

The Client declares that he is at least 18 old and that he has the legal capacity or he is entitled by his parent(s) to place an order on this On-line Shop.

b. Registering and validation of the order

The orders are exclusively placed on line, by the means of the Website tool names "Cart", which allow to perform in a secure way all the buying processing, from the selection of Products to the choice of delivery and payment method to confirmation of purchase. The complete acceptance of these TCS is required in order to be able to validate the payment method; the payment has legal value of concluding the sale contract between the Vendor and the Client.

An automatic order acknowledgment is sent to the Client by electronic way as soon as it is validated, together with an invoice in pdf file. The Client who has opened an account on the Website can find out his order in his Orders History as well.

In some circumstances, like payment failure, incorrect address or any other problem on the account of the Client, the Vendor reserves the right to bring the order at a standstill until the problem is solved before a time-limit of 7 clear days; beyon this limit, the order is cancelled by the Vendor without any penalty being due to the Client.

In case of exceptionally not indicated unavailability of an ordered Product, the Client will be informed by e-mail. The order of this Product will be then cancelled and it will be refunded to the Client, while the rest of the order ramains firm.

An order cn be cancelled in case of pending dispute with the Client about the payment pf a previous order.

For any question about the foloow-up of an order, the Client can check his Client Account in the On-line Shop or contact directly the Vendor by the various means of contact put at his disposal ("Contact Us" page, phone, etc.).

Article 6. Payment

An order is deemed to be firm (except withdrawal clauses provided for in article 11) as soon as the payment is validated; the moment of the validation can vary according the method of payment choosen by the Client. The Products remain the property of the Vendor until the full payment of the invoice drawn up at the time of the sale and as long as the withdrawal time-limit is not over.

The following methods of payement are proposed:

  • secure payment by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard): the Client is redirected during the payment stage to the page (https) of the secure payment system Atos Sogenactif/Crédit Agricole (SSL protocol) which authorizes the transaction. The payment is validated as soon as this system confirms it to the Vendor within one working day at the latest.
  • secure payment by PayPal : the Client can carry out this payment with or without a PayPal account, by connecting to the website www.paypal.com. The payment is validated as soon as it is transfered to the Vendor's PayPal account.
  • bank transfer, using the information given when this method is chosen. The payment is validated as soon the transfer is recorded on the Vendor's bank account.
  • bank or post cheque, using the information given when this method is chosen : the payment is validated as soon the cheque is cashed on the Vendor's bank account.

The Client states that the bank account linked to the credit card or the PayPal account which is uses for the payment is hold by him or that he is entitled by his legal owner to use it.

It is the sole responability of the Client to check if the account linked to his credit card or to the drawing of a cheque has sufficient credit to make possible the payment when ordering.

The Client who chooses to pay by transfer or by cheque has only 7 clear days to let it reach the Vendor; when this time-limit is over, the sale can be cancelled without penalty.

In case of payment by credit card or by PayPal, if the Vendor is informed of a problem concerning the used account by the bank or by PayPal, he can immediately cancel the sale without previous notice and without penalty.

In case of payment by cheque, proof of the identity of the account's holder (copy or digitization clearly readable of identification papers of the account holder) and a proof of address can be aked to the Client before validation of the payment.

In case of payment by credit card, the copy or digitization clearly readable of the card used for payment, together with the proof of the identity of the card holder (copy or digitization clearly readable of identification papers of the holder) of the account's holder) can be aked to the Client before validation of the payment as well.

The data asked within the framework of these antifraud controls will be destroyed after a time-limit of 60 days.

Article 7. Signature et proof of the transaction

In any time, giving on line the details of the credit card and final validation of the order will serve as proof of this complete order according the provisions of the French law of 19 March, 2000 and will make due for payment all the amounts corresponding to the Products added to the electronic order form.

This validation is worth handwritten signature and express acceptance of all operation carried out on the Website.

However, in case of fraudulent use of his credit card, the Client isinvited, as soons as he has noticed this use, to contact, on one side, his bank, and on other side, the Vendor, in order to cancel if possible the transaction.

The electronic records stored in the server hosting the Vendor's On-line Shop in reasonable conditions of security, will be considered proof of communications, orders and payments carried out between the Parties.

The filing of order forms, invoices, credit notes, and other document concrning the transactions is made on a reliable and durable medium so that it constitutes an accurate and durable copy according the article 1348 of the French Code Civil, which can can be produced as evidence.

Moreover, the Client has the possibility to save on electronic medium of his choice as pdf file the invoices and the credit notes concerning his orders.

Article 8. Order Execution

The order will be executatated witihin a period of 3 working days beginning the day after that when the Client placed his order, except in case of items for wich specific delivery time is explicitly given on the Website.

In case of unexpected supplementary delay, the Vendor commits himself to informing the Client by e-mail within the 3 working days at latest. If the Client does not wish waiting more time, he has the possibility to cancel his order without penalty and to be refunded within 60 working days at latest.

Article 9. Delivery

The supplying of the goods is done exclusively by post. No withdrawal can be made at the Vendor's Head Office.

The Client is the sole responsible of the accuracy of the shipping address (which can be different from his own address) anc might not hold the Vendor as responsible in case of mistake and sending back of the parcel; in aby case, the goods will be sent again to the right address at the Client's expense.

The Client must not neglect to supply if need be data allowing correct delivery (floor, door, entry code, etc.).

It is agreed by the Client that the merchandise risk incurred during the shipping process is transfered on this laters's charge.

The Vendor delivers good mainly in metropolitan France (including Corsica), in French Overseas Departments and Territories - Oversas Authorities (DROM-COM, former DOM-TOM) and in the countries of European Union and neighbouring countries. Delivery to other countries are possible as well; however, according the risks the Vendor can consider as too great, the Vendor can exclude without previous notice, temporarily or definitively, some destinations. The destinations where delivery are impossible are indicated at the time of placing the order, which therefore cannot be done.

Warning! The consignee who resides out of the French metropolitan territory is fully responsible to perform the customs formalities or to pay the taxes possibly collected in the country or territory where the goods are shipped to.

The available methods and times of shipping and delivery are described in the page delLes modes et délais d’expédition et de livraison proposés sont décrits sur la page Shipping and Delivery Conditions

The Vendor can change the methods of shipping or the carrier at any time without previous notice.

Article 10. Delivery Problems

a. At the time of delivery, the Client has to check, in the presence of the carrier's employee, the condition of the package and of its content. If the package is damaged, the Client must report it on the delivery slip and if the goods are damaged, reject the delivery.

The Client must simultaneously inform the Vendor of this anomaly by sending him a simple post mail describing the damage winthin 2 (two) working days after the date of delivery.

The goods will be then refunded or exchanged by the Vendor.

b. The Client must inform the Vendor the very day of the delivery or within 1 (one) working day after this at the latest of any delivery mistake and/or of any no conformity of products, in nature or in quality in comparision with the indications written down in the order form.

This reclamation must be done to the Vendor by post mail, e-mail or phone thanks to contact information given on the website; if the reclamation is done first by phone, it must be confirmed afterwards in writing (post mail or e-mail).

The erroneous or non-matching Product can be then be refunded or exchanged by the Vendor.

c. In order to carry out a Product return, the Client must claim it in the Order history and details of his Account and inform of it the Vendor by this way. For management reasons, the motive for return (which doesn't come within the right of withdrawal) must be written down. The Client is required to print the return slip, automatically generated in his Account (My Merchandise returns) when his claim is acknowledged by the Vendor, and put it together with the returned Product; a return without the corresponding slip will not be accpeted. The Client is advised to keep a copy of it by printing it down or saving it as pdf file (warning, the return slip file is not kept in the Account after the acceptance of the return by the Vendor).

d. Only the claims done according the aforesaid terms and times can be taken into account.

The sending back of a Product on the aforesaid grounds does not deprive the Client of the right od withdrawal as described in the following article.

Article 11. Right of Withdrawal

a. For any Product delivered in metropolitan France, in French Overseas Departments and Territories - Oversas Authorities (DROM-COM, former DOM-TOM), and in the countries of European Union, the Client enjoys a right of withdrawal within a period of fourteen (14) clear days beginning the day after the reception of the Products. If the order consists of several Products delivered separately, the deadline of withdrawal is computed on the basis of the date of delivery of the last Product.

This right of withdrawal is exercised by sending back to the Vendor the Products which do not suit to the Client, and gives rise to refunding or exchange.

b. A Product the Client whishes return must be intact, complete, and in perfect condition for resale, and in its original packaging.

As it is a matter of items of clothing, they must not be worn but briefly, for trying on, and only after the Client has taken every pracaution in order not to damage them. So, the shoes must suffer no scratch, stain, dirty mark (especially on insole or outsole) neither other damage or wear and tear mark; the trousers must suffer no stain, dirty mark, rip neither other damage or wear and tear mark. Otherwise, when a dammage or a tear and wear mark will be recorded at the time of reception of the returned Products, no refunding will be carried out by the Vendor, who will inform the Client of the recording.

c. In order to carry out a Product return, the Client must claim it in the Order history and details of his Account and inform of it the Vendor by this way. The Client has no obligation to give the motive for return, but must in this case write down "no ground" or "not specified" in the due box because the claim cannot be sent for technical reasons if the box remains empty. The Client is required to print the return slip, automatically generated in his Account (My Merchandise returns) when his claim is acknowledged by the Vendor, and put it together with the returned Product; a return without the corresponding slip will not be accpeted. The Client is advised to keep a copy of it by printing it down or saving it as pdf file (warning, the return slip file is not kept in the Account after the acceptance of the return by the Vendor).

The right of withdrawal is exercised without penalty , but return costs stay at the Client's expense (except in case of defective or erroneous Product); the Client is liable for choosing the method of shipping which guarantees the effective return of the Product to the Vendor; in case of loss or damage of the returned Product, no refunding neither exchange will be possible.

d. After the Vendor has received the returned Product and recorded that the aforesaid terms of return have been respected, the Vendor either will refund the Client by the means this one has payed, or will exchange it against another one of equal or higher price; if the price is the same, it will be payed by the means of a voucher ("credit slip") issued by the Vendor; is the price is higher, the value of the returned Product will be materialized by the issue of the same voucher, and the Client will be charged the difference; the shipping costs remain payable by the Client in both cases.

Products discounted or on sale, as well as items for which specific delivery time is explicitly given on the Website, can be refunded only by the means of vouchers.

In case of refunding, the Vendor commits himself to carry out it as soon as possible, and within thirty (30) days after the date of withdrawal at the latest.

Article 12. Guarantees

All Products sold in this Website enjoy the legal guarantee of conformity (article L211-1 and following of the French Code de la Consommation) and the guarantee against hidden defects (articles 1641 and following of the French Code Civil), allowing the Client to send back the delivered Products if they are defective or non conform.

Article 13. Responsability

The Vendor commits himself to describe with the greatest accuracy possible the Products he sells on his Website.

On the other hand, he reserves the right to withdraw or exclude some services without previous notice, and to restrict temporarily the access to any part of this Website.

The liability of the Vendor cannot be involved by all inconvenients or damages inherent to the use of Internet, like technical or harware errors, any direct or indirect damage like data loss, external intrusion, virus, service breakdown, and other unintentional problems or force majeure cases, in the sense of precedents decided by the French Cour de Cassation, resulting of the use of the Internet network and of the website as well.

Particularly, it cannot be involved by any unavailability of the Website, no matter temporary or long-lasting, and which could lead to the impossibility of dealig with orders, claims or any other transaction between the Client and the Vendor.

Article 14. Partial Invalidation

If one or more provision(s) of these TCS is (are) held to be invalid or declared as such under any law, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the nullity of the aforesaid provision(s) will not entail that of the rest of these TCS.

Article 15. No Waiver

The fact that either party does not avail itself of a breach by the other party to any of the obligations refered in these TCS might not be construed in the future as a waiver of the requirement involved.

Article 16. Force Majeure Case

In case of fortuitous event or Force Majeure, neither Party can be hold as responsible by the other Party of the complete or partial nonfulfilment of the obligations stated in these TCS.

It will be expressly considered as fortuitous event or Force Majeure, besides those usually hold as such by the French courts : the blocking of means of transportation or supplying, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning, stopping telecommunication networks breakdown, or difficulties specific to telecommunication networks beyond the control of the customers.

If the case of force majeure lasts longer than three months, these TCS will be suspended during all the time it lasts.

Article 17. Disputes, Applicable Law, and Languages

These TCS are subject to French law only, for rules of substance as well as for rules of form.Les présentes CGV sont soumises à la loi française, tant pour les règles de fond que pour les règles de forme, and no matter is the place of using the Website and of delivery of the Products.

In case of dispute or claim about the interpretation or the execution of these TCS, the Parties should first try to find an amicable solution in order to settle their controversy.

Otherwise, any lawsuit will be brought to qualified courts; only French courts are competent.

THE LANGUAGE OF THIS CONTRACT IS THE FRENCH LANGUAGE. Any version in other language which can be supplied in this Website will have only informative value, and NO LEGAL WORTH; in particular, the responsability of the Vendor cannot be involved in case of mistakes or inaccuracies in the translation of these TCS in foreign language.

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Last update: 31 January, 2015